Inequality and Growth


A society constitutes of variety of people with variety of skills, knowledge and attitude. This is what brings variation in the achievements and living of individuals, some achieve more some achieve less, some grow rich some remain poor. Its the natural phenomena. To try to make the rich ones achieve less and the poor ones achieve more is in fact to try to disturb the natural growth cycle. Making one achieve more than what s/he deserve may be kindness but doing so by compelling the captives one to give away the benefits obtained by their toil is not a fare practice. A voluntary service can be considered to be ethical to help the less deserver, rather then making the real deserver to contribute with coercion.

We have different philosophies and organizations (political and non-political) trying hard to reduce the natural human in-equality towards equality. I really question myself “Is this natural brone in-equality really evil and needs to be reduced?” And “Should we worry more about the in-equality than growth?”

Is the economic inequality really a problem? Are the less fortunate suffering because someone are succeeding? If so how many people are suffering because of the Billionaire of Nepal, Mr. Binod Chaudhary? Wait a sec, had there not been Chaudhary group, how many people would suffer? Lets just consider, Chaudhary Group closes from a day x. Then, how many people in Nepal are going to be jobless? How much people had to depend on imported goods? How much costly the product would have been? Chaudhary Group was a start from a zero and regular addition of the building block in seek of betterment. It did not earn by slaving people. It earned by giving job and providing living of numerous families. He grew more, other grew less. And he deserved to be so. To forget the growth of living standard of numerous families and to accuse the inequality is just to be jealous of the success of people. I just say “Why to worry about someone making his fortune, by using his physical and/or mental abilities?”┬áBut what if he had not initiated the company? Would anyone work if he will not achieve more then other? And would anyone work more and more if he would not achieve more and more? Getting more is the inspiration that promotes one to work harder. As a summary, its the inequality that motivates people for the growth. Nobody will work harder to just be equal or almost equal with others. In my view, Nepal needs to forget the chapter of economic equality, at least for decades, if it really wants to grow.