Is Nepal poor? Then why is so?


We can divide people in around 2:1 ratio for the answer of the question “Is Nepal poor?”, majority saying “Yes” and remaining saying “No, but Yes”. However, if we take a LCM, Yes is the lowest common factor for the Question. Nepal is among the world’s poorest countries. One third of people live below poverty line. More than a quarter population are insufficiently fed and some 7 percent of people are worried about meeting two inns every day.

Why is Nepal Poor?

Discussing on the topic we can come through various points from the educational, social, geographical, political and various factors that has led Nepal to be poor, some of which I would like to discuss.

1. More than 60% Nepali do not have higher education

2. Nepal is a land-locked country (No sea border), and between two densely populated and powerful countries

3.Complicated Geography with more than 60% area falls in Mountainous region

4. Majority of Nepali cannot read, write and/or speak English

5. Corruption

6. Immoral Politicians

7. Manpower and Brain Drain

More or less we come to feel each of the reasons are the factor that has caused our country to be poor. But in my understanding all of these are just the part of our Culture of Blames. For me “Every excuse are Lies”, and all these reasons are just the excuses each of us make to blame the nature and group of people to separate ourselves apart of it.

1. The fact may be true that more than 60% percent of people do not have higher education. But I find no clue, how this affects the country to be poor in a real sense. If higher education was the factor responsible for people being poor, then around 60% people should have been below poverty line, which does not applies. Neither does it apply that none of the educated ones are living below poverty line. I can say it, because I have seen the scenario of many graduates living the life below poverty line. We have a mixed population of with and without higher education living in various level of life standard. In fact, except come exceptions, most of the people with higher education in Nepal are living poorer lifestyle than many of those with no higher education. In fact, education does not teach people how to become rich. Its the knowledge, experience, skills and literacy within a person, that determines the lifestyle one tend to achieve.

2. Switzerland and Hungary in Europe and Mongolia are also the land locked countries that have significantly higher lifestyle. Belgium and Luxembourg are also between comparatively dense populated and powerful countries Germany and France. If they can be developed, why not Nepal. It can just be an excuse not a real reason.

3. The geographical feature of Nepal in unique and comprises of around 3500 micro climate. This provides Nepal to grow most variety of crops than any other country in the world and I view it as a positive aspect. Nepal bears 8 tallest peak of the world out of ten along with the peak of the world “Mt. Everest“. The beauty of mountains is famous all around the world. The main problem is not the mountains and the geographical complication, the problem is we do not know what we have got and how to manage it for the benefit. How can we say the geographical feature to be barrier for Nepal to develop when we have not used it to produce goods and services and acted it just as a burden.

4. English language skills is not at all a constraint for development. We can look at the example of Thailand, Belgium, Korea and many more who developed even after hating English.

5. Corruption is a common problem for all developing and developed countries. Even India is not untouched by it for a nearer example. It bears a share but not the real reason why Nepal is poor.

6. Nepal and India share almost the same sort of Politicians, who forget the election agendas after the election and the voters after they have voted. So, why is India having one of the world’s fastest developing country and Nepal remaining almost same.

7. Philippines is the most exporting country in terms of  Manpower. In fact, this export was one of the main reason what Philippines have achieved. The exported manpower are in fact generating more revenue and contributing more for the development of the country then similar ones residing inside. There are exceptions for everything and exceptions cannot be the reason why Nepal is poor.

Mental and physical poverty are related to each other.We are poor because of our Culture of Blames, when something goes wrong. We never take responsibility even of ourselves and look at others to do for us. We are always eager to take the credit of that good thing which we were never part of. Not only the leaders of Nepal are suffered from this illness but all sections of populations. We are more eager to preserve what we possess then to generate we do not have.

Unless and until we Nepali do not change our attitude towards entrepreneurship, and relay on limited enterprises to support our general livelihood, we never develop, we never grow rich. History is evident that, only the industrial revolution can enhance the living standard of people and industrial revolution is only possible when we have Free Market,  a market in which there is no economic intervention and regulation by the state, except to enforce private contracts and the ownership of property. Trade policy in Nepal is really one of the constricting factor blocking Nepal for the economic development.

The answer for “Why is Nepal poor?” is really complicated, but it is the fact that no nation can develop without appropriate trade policy and entrepreneurs.


3 thoughts on “Is Nepal poor? Then why is so?

  1. Rex

    Nepal is poorest country in the world but rich in natural resources.Why nepal is poorest country?The only reason is the bahunbad since long time nepal is under aryan khas ruler.They are highly conservative, dark minded,dishonest,narrowsighted,most curupted,selfish and cruel ruler.They want to educate and develope only the people of their community.People of their community are not poor in nepal they are rich and landlord.They always dominate the people of madhes and indigenious people by kept them far of their rights,culture and human dignity.
    Nepal is quite rich in natural resources the land is fertile the people are hard working.If nepal has a good governance it can be develope within few years.There are lot of resources for developement like tourism,agriculture,industry etc.But nepal is facing only the problem of Aryan dynasty ruler who is ruling this country for 250 years and made country one of the poorest in the world.They are looting the people and country people everywhere facing lot of problem like hunger,lodsheding,communication, high price, poor education,unsafety,depression,violent etc.They looted the land of terai madhesi people now the madheshi are landles and hungry.The mission of the nepal government is how to make indigenious people poor and get out them from country.For example in the himalayan region the land is suitable for agriculture like medicinal herbs like cardamom,chiraito etc.but instead of bring agriculture programme for himalayan indigenious people the government make a plan to drive the people from there where people are living there since thousand of years. They established there animals parks and they used to call national park.And loot the land of indigenious people by making policy and law like example the animals come to sherpa,s farm and eat all the potatos if the sherpa throw a stone at the animals and the animals got hurt the government jail sherpa for three years but if the animals killed that sherpa the government will not take any responsible.So this is the reason nepal is poorest country in the world.

    • Dear Friend,
      From my prospect you are halfway right. I suggest you to refer this link and at here . The government has never ever worked for the people and the national benefits and has always claimed the spontaneous changes and foreign donations as their work which are also in practice ill-operated and a loss in long term prospect. But the culprit is not the person in the government, the real culprit is the power that they bear when in the government. Power tends to corrupt, and its not a strange matter. At first we need to take ourselves out of Culture of blames and stop to expect the Government to act like God.

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