Explaining Taxes to a 5-Year-Old


Its not only in America, its elsewhere. Nobody wants to give up the hard earned money to invest in facilitating people who do not work. The higher tax not only discourages the 5 year old child, its equally evident in the youngster and adults. One would rather be happy to invest even more for the purpose s/he would like to serve voluntarily.

Free Your Family

After finishing 2 jobs where he earned a total of 30 cents, we talked of economics…

Me (Mom): If I hired you to do a job and I told you that I would pay you $2 for the job, but you thought it was too much work for not enough money, would you do the job?
Young Inventor (Son, 5): No (smiling)
Me: What if you asked for more money?
YI: Yeah like 100 dollars!
Me: (laughing) Okay and if I said that was not fair either but then offered you $5 and you agreed, how much would I have to pay you?
YI: $5
Me: When would you get your money?
YI: When I finish the job.
Me: Good. If you finished the job but wanted more money, because it was harder than you thought, should you demand more than the $5 we agreed on.
YI: No
Me: Should I…

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