The Government needs to stop acting like God.


No matter how noble purpose it is… a theft is a theft… either be it the person or the government….

Brian By Experience

When God does something for you, it is from the riches of his realm, but when man does something for you, find out if it is from his wealth, a wealth given to him, or stolen wealth.

Many times the services that you receive from your fellow man, is actually ill gotten goods or services. War on hunger creates hunger because the money that would be spent on my family is now taken in taxes and given to another. The war on poverty creates poverty because the money which I would have used to create jobs, or created wealth, is taken and given to those who create neither. The war on drugs creates life time drug addicts, because they now have a criminal record, they are less employable, and more susceptible to doing worst drugs as a result.

We are talking about here is Man trying to be a sufficiency…

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