Culture of blames


Blaming others has always been easy excuse from the personal weakness. I remember my leadership training, where “Sen. Raj Bimal Shrestha”, focused on one sentence “Every Excuse Are Lies“. This has always been my motivating factor to seek better opportunities, to compete and to lead, wherever I have been afterwards.

The “Culture of Blames” has become a great disease in context to Nepal. I even think I would have been victim of it, if only had I not attained that training. I consider myself lucky enough in this regard.

Every day, I meet the victim of this disease in my surrounding and most prominently in the “Facebook”. Being surrounded by the diseased ones of-course is an unpleasant feelings, but it’s a truth.

Our bureaucrats and politicians have become corrupt and they no more care about the nation and public. The political transition and government inconsistency has led the investors fear to invest. Educated unemployed population is increasing. Cost of goods and services has increased. Poverty increasing. Loadshedding increasing. Scarcity of water increasing. Inappropriate Labor Cost. Etcetera.

I consider these are all the blames. The blames to hide ones weakness and failure. May be true, but they are not the excuse that you are unemployed or your business is getting down, or you are paid low. I believe “The day You Stop Blaming Others Is The Day, You Begin To Discover, Who You Truly Are“. I do not find it convincing that you do not have the skills to get employed and you blame others or you lack the skills to paid enough and you blame others. Complete a degree has never been the completion of the criteria to get employed in the job you want. You must look at yourself, why you are unemployed even after completing your education in spite of blaming others.

It was your fear, that you could not start you business or your inability to convince the investors to invest in your business. You did not had the courage to start risk your capital or you lacked the confidence for it. Its your fault that you fail. You cannot blame others not even the government for you not being able to earn.

It was your fault that you only saw an opportunity in the water scarce area. It was your fault you depended on “Nepal Electricity Corporation” solely for electricity. It was your fault to be not able to penetrate the corrupt system to do what you wanted.

I simply believe “If we realize what we are capable to do in the given environment, and be responsible of the good and bad of own inspire of blaming others, then we will never fail“. We need to kick off the Culture of Blames, if we want to succeed. Blaming others never gonna change any thing.


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