Recalling the map of Asia


When I was a kid, I remember myself to be very ignorant and aggressive, fighting for very minor issues. But I am thankful to almighty god who gave me the knowledge that fighting for as issue is worthless. If one has to fight, he has to fight for the idea, on behalf o the good and against the bad and culprits.

After my four days in Delhi, I was very eager to see the map of Asia. Wikipedia showed me that Asia comprises of 49 ( and 5 disputed) countries occupying 44.5 million sq km of land and 4.2 billion people inhabiting. China and India are the biggest countries occupying huge portion of the land and more than half of population. However, how big the countries are, neither of the country can claim to be the whole Asia. Some remarkable person were found to bear the wrong idea to call their country as the whole Continent. I could have fought there at the spot, but it would have been the fight for the issue. I want a fight for an idea. Fight to defend the wrong mentality that a collection of some parts of some country will represent the continent. This is not the fight with an individual, or an event or a issue. This is a fight to an idea.

I was glad that mostl speakers did not forgot that Asia is not comprised of just a nation, but I felt many Libertarians still require to acknowledge “A country in Asia is not the whole Asia”. I want this to reach to every Libertarians.

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