Who is the culprit, Politicians or Power?


Two centuries ago, an army Commander Bam Bahadur Thapa had said “Sak6au jagir nakhau, sakdainau jagir khau : Jhanda muni basa tara durbar napasa” in English: “If you can do not get employed (work under other esp. government), if you can’t then get employed : Remain under the flag, but don’t enter the palace”. This was the period when politics was concentrated in and around the palace and he got fade up from that. As the politics started to come out of palaces and to more then hundred parties and numerous number of leaders, politics has been becoming even worst and the number of people to blame it has rose abruptly.

Is politics really bad? Can the politics never be good? Or the way of politics has become bad ? If the way has been bad, why do we blame politics, which is just the victim of amoral politicians?

From my childhood, I used to believe the reason for this is bad people getting into politics and therefore good people should enter politics to reform it. But thus far I have seen Nepali politics, the people I believed to be good and hoped that s/he would change the bad pattern of the politics turned out to be even worse when they reach to the power. So, now I believe the present scenario of politics is not the outcome of bad people in politics, they became bad after they went there. And thus I don’t blame to the politicians, not even in my heart.

I tried to figure out what makes a good person bad after they get indulged in politics. And now I have the answer “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It not the people, the culprit is the power, – the power to have control over other people, the legal authority to think about the good and bad of other people, and the power to deviate people in the direction they want through the amendment of constitution, law and policies. And once they experience this power, the desire of more as a human nature, turns even the good ones to bad.

I therefore find, the power to change the life style of a large group of people, the power to direct people to the ideology they want leaving behind no alternative, the power to force people to sacrifice their rights in the name of common good and many other powers that make some people to be superior then others to impact as their desire is the culprit, that has made the current unpleasant political environment.

I dream of the society ruled be law and the law not to be changed by the desire of some countable intellectuals. I dream of a free society, where one does not have to compromise his/her rights in any moment of the life. I believe when the power of people in government and parties, over others people starts to be limited, the reform of politics gets started. Its a long way but not an unachievable target.


The River and The Gold


Once upon a time, there was a village, at the bank of a river. People in the village had the belief that the river sometimes used to bring pieces of gold and leave at the bank of the river.

There lived a small child, who heard about the tale of the river and the gold. He then decided to make his fortune from the gold that the river brings. He therefore spend much of his times at the bank of the river searching for the gold and waiting for the gold. Days past and years past. The child grew up to a young man and as he grew up, his believe became more and more stronger. He believed “in these past many years gold has never been brought by the river, so it will be brought soon at any time, why not to wait some more”. He made a hut at the bank and lived there waiting the day that the river will some day bring the piece of gold flowing and he could make his fortune. Years passed and decades passed. He grew old and died, but the river never brought the gold flowing to him.

He believeb so desperately on the tale of the river that he could never think about quiting to wait for the river. He waited his whole life for the river, he saw various size and changes in the river and water year by year. He prayed the river for years, then blamed and then cursed still then he could not stop himself from expecting a fortune from the river. He could have done many things to make his fortune on his own, but he never tried because he could never give up the mindset he had in his mind to make the fortune.

There are many such mindsets in the mind of Nepali people that I see daily making people look upon other to make self fortune.

I have listed below the major two mindsets that reminded me the tale of the :”The River and the Gold”

1. Government should think of the good and bad of its people. It should be responsible in creating the employment opportunity to its people. It should be powerful enough to bound the people in its plans and strategy to bring prosperity and fortune to every people.

I just question myself: Should government think of the good and bad of me or me myself? Who can think better about me, myself or some other people in government? Should I look at the government to feed my two inns? Am I to hide my weakness to compete to find the job you want and blame government to not to find the job you want? Should the government be that much powerful to bring prosperity and fortune to you or other people? What if it becomes powerful and corrupt handles it?

2. One should get the value of education. If I have completed a bachelors/ masters degree and I do not find a job in the place I want with the salary and other benefits, people do not know the value of education. It is just because I did not have proper family background and / or links to support me.

I just question myself: Which is valuable education or knowledge ? or skills? Do we need an automated system of life style to fix up study this subject and get your job there with that salary and benefits? If so, what will be difference in some sort of software and human life? Do not I have to look at myself and analyze why I am not getting a way to employ? Does it mean, if I do not find the job of my criteria, people around are wrong or the system is wrong? Or do
I have to filter my criteria? Is my family background everything to support my employment or I lacked some thing others too to fail. Is it the fault of the links to not to be in your accessible or my fault to create and or manage the links?

Recalling the map of Asia


When I was a kid, I remember myself to be very ignorant and aggressive, fighting for very minor issues. But I am thankful to almighty god who gave me the knowledge that fighting for as issue is worthless. If one has to fight, he has to fight for the idea, on behalf o the good and against the bad and culprits.

After my four days in Delhi, I was very eager to see the map of Asia. Wikipedia showed me that Asia comprises of 49 ( and 5 disputed) countries occupying 44.5 million sq km of land and 4.2 billion people inhabiting. China and India are the biggest countries occupying huge portion of the land and more than half of population. However, how big the countries are, neither of the country can claim to be the whole Asia. Some remarkable person were found to bear the wrong idea to call their country as the whole Continent. I could have fought there at the spot, but it would have been the fight for the issue. I want a fight for an idea. Fight to defend the wrong mentality that a collection of some parts of some country will represent the continent. This is not the fight with an individual, or an event or a issue. This is a fight to an idea.

I was glad that mostl speakers did not forgot that Asia is not comprised of just a nation, but I felt many Libertarians still require to acknowledge “A country in Asia is not the whole Asia”. I want this to reach to every Libertarians.