Critical Question of a Child?


I faced a critical question. Is Child Labor a Crime ? I was confused.

I met a child labor, to be more specific “an orphan child labor” . I had an informal chat with the child and found a self-respect in him. According to him, he used to be beg when he was a child then started to thieve until he was caught when he tried to pick pocket his current master. He showed his gratitude to his master and said : ” I still would have been a thief, if I was not caught by him that day “. On further chat with him about clarifying about the child labor and explaining it as a crime, he questioned ” Doesn’t a Child like me have the right to eat food by own labor ? , or Should I continue thieving until I grow up as a thief? “.

It is estimated that more than 700 children labor only in Nepalgunj. Everyone have a different story ” Why they have to work?” . And most of them would say : “Abandoning child from work is injustice, unless the government itself take the responsibility of them and assure there is no need of labor to them.” And this would refer to poverty as well, as far I understood them.

I would say: What are the factors causing Child Labor? Why do children go to labor? How are child laboring? Are they receiving their payments? What would be the best alternative of Child Labor? What are their challenges and risks? are some vulnerable questions we need to sort out. In one hand we are searching the right to choice on the next hand many children are seeking their rights to cloths, food, shelter and life.

However the question : “Doesn’t a child have the right to support himself when there is nobody to support him?” ” Is child labor a crime or the factors that lead to child labor are the real culprit?” has strike me. I believe “Generalization is various aspects of an Individual is a Crime?”. Nobody wants to labor, not only the children, even grown ups would dream to live a life without labor, but needs make them do so. If you can, solve their problem, if not, do not make their problem more complex.

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