Outside : Inside


We have a mental Block within ourselves

that stops us from


more than we think we  are worth.

We only see the enormous ICEBERG above sea level. But we have much more thinks to understand

and analyse there.

The ICEBERG is the representation of

how we are living and what our life is.

We think we know every thing.

In fact we think what we believe is the only possible truth. But we know very little . The more we know, the less we have to explain.

We need a vision to see what a’int seen by others, what a’int thought by others and what a’int believed by others. If we do everything what others do, we are no different than others.

No difference = No growth =No Success.

If we think we have to achieve something then we mush have  a different prospect, a different vision from others. Every other are busy enjoying what is seen on the surface.

Take your time to judge inside, the main theme  i.e. the ATTITUDE, not visible b y the usual eyes.  But it is the only determinant for any consequence in life.

Attitude determines how you respond to something, how you take it, how you understand it and how you utilize it. In fact, human  behavior and achievements are the function of ATTITUDE, and not the knowledge or skill one possess. If  we review any of the  successful person around or globally, then we do realize that, they had something inside, very different from others, i.e. ATTITUDE.

Determine whats your ATTITUDE and go with it.

Successful person follow a simple discipline every day,every time every moment, and the unsuccessful ones violate their those disciplines .


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